Huntsville Workshop
April 14th-15th, 2008

Last updated:  May 2nd, 2008

April 14th- Morning Activities

Dr. John Gregory, Director of Alabama Space Grant Consortium and sponsor of the workshop gives opening remarks

Dr. Joe Ng, UAH Structural Biology Lab and coordinator of the workshop gives opening remarks

Dr. Owen K. Garriott Astronaut; SkyLab (1973) and SpaceLab (1983),
and donor of Soyuz payload opportunity addresses teachers and students

Dr. Larry J. DeLucas, Astraunaut; STS-50
describes life as an astronaut in a space shuttle microgravity environment

Dr. DeLucas kept the teachers and studenrs on the edge of their seats with his humorous and interesting presentation

Students in the front rows, teachers toward the back, and Dr. Gregory and Dr. Meehan listen to Dr. DerLucas' stories about space flight

Students and Mr. Mohammed Arab (back row), AP Chemistry teacher from Terry Parker High School listen to the presentation 

Students and Mrs.Diane Conlon and Mrs. Sarah Rosenfeldt , Biology teachers from Fleming Island High School listen to Dr. DeLucas

Dr. Ed Meehan, Director of theUAH Structural Biology Lab discusses the history and current state of structural biology and biotechnology

Dr. Meehaan continues his discussion with students over lunch

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