Huntsville Workshop
June 24th-25th, 2008

Last updated:  August 1st, 2008

June 24th- Lysozyme Crystallization Activity

Mrs. Conlon takes notes as Caroline Johnston and 
Jennifer Klarfield listen to Dr. Ng's directions
UAH Lab Assistant Nori Sugitani and students,
Tyler Guthrie and Alen Islamivic listen to Dr. Ng
Caroline Johnston and Jennifer Klarfield work on the activity

Lauren Youngerman works on the activity while
Mrs. Conlon is still taking notes
Norie Sugitani observes as Ian Lozano (far left), Kevin Hutto,
Mr. Arab, and Nikita Patel (far right) work on the activity
Crystal Iv (left) and Lauren Hinrichs listen to
Dr. Ng's description of the activity

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