Huntsville Workshop
June 24th-25th, 2008

Last updated:  August 1st, 2008

June 24th- Making the Payload Samples 
Diana Toh of the UAH Structural Biology Lab assists
Lauren Hinrichs heat seal her payload sample

Kevin Hutto injects the lysozyme protein solution into his payload sample tube as a UAH lab observer 
and Crystal Iv look on
Mr. Arab assits Nikita Patel inject the protein
solution in to her payload sample
Ian Lozano observes Lauren Hinrichs inject lysozyme protein solution in to her payload sample tube
Crystal Iv injects solution as Kevin Hutto holds the tube
Nikita Patel and Mr. Arab continue to work on a sample
Tyler Guthrie is watching Mr. Smith take the picture
as Alen Islamovic works with his payload sample
Jennifer Klarfield watches Caroline Johnston seal her sample

Diana Toh assists Nikita Patel seal her sample

Diana Toh closely monitors Lauren Hinrich 
sealing her payload sample in liquid nitrogen
Miranda Byrne of UAH watches Mrs. Conlon freeze her payload sample with liquid nitrogen

Lauren Youngerman has a snack and makes a quick call after completing her payload sample! :-) 


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