The Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF)

July 1999 tour of 'Discovery' in OPF after the 'John Glenn' 100th shuttle flight
Discovery's heat tiles are clearly seen near the nose landing gear
Workers adjusting the elevons of Discovery's right wing
Lisa, Elise, and Scott dream of working in the space program
Discovery's three engines in rework in December 2000
Katie Cauthen, Mr. Smith, and Anna Holmes under 'Discovery' in December 2000 tour
workspace under'Discovery' in Dec 2000
'Discovery' is usually encircled by scaffolding during rework
Technician working on 'Discovery' after its mission which returned our first experiments
Tile repair after Discovery's John Glenn mission
One of the OPF workers giving us some hands on with heat tiles
Katie Cauthen 'working' on Discovery's nose tiles :)
Anna Holmes checking out Discovery after her return of our first protein crystals
Mr. Smith comparing Discovery to his memories of the A7 Corsair

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