International Space Station Assembly Building

Space Shuttle cargo bay mockup
The Space Shuttle main cargo bay mockup is used to ensure that the space station hardware will fit into the shuttle.

The Z1 Integrated Truss Assembly
The truss assembly with communications antenna
The Z1 Truss Assembly was launched to the space station by STS-97, Endeavour' on November 30th, 2000 as part of ISS Mission 4a.

Space Lab 'Destiny'
'Destiny' was delivered to the space station by Atlantis STS-98 in February 2001

A view of the interior of Destiny
Workers prepare Destiny for shipment to the pad
The 'Destiny' LAB Module being prepared for movement to the pad

Testing equipment for Standard Payload Racks
Testing ongoing on the ISS experiment package module

Multi-Purpose Logistics Modules (MPLM)

Leonardo, Raffaello, and Donatello are designed to transpot standard payload packs and other  supplies to the space station and return waste products back to the Earth via the space shuttle. Upcomming flights scheduled to take MPLMs to the space station are;
Leonardo (5a.1); Rafaello (6a); Donatello (7a.1)

Remote Manipulator System
Our guide explaining how the new Canadian deployment arm works
Ther Remorte Manipulator System is scheduled to be launched on ISS Mission 6a on April 19th, 2001

The Airlock
The Airlock is scheduled to be launched to the space station on ISS Mission 7a on STS-104 'Atlantis'  June 8th, 2001

The airlock assembly

Unknown Hardware
Can anyone identify this piece of space station hardware.  If so, let me know what it is!

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