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Workshop Participants

Florida Protein Crystals in Space Grant Managers

Dr. Marianne Barnes-Principal Investigator
Mr. Bo Smith- Program Manager

KSC Workshop 2000 Staff Personnel

Top (left to right): John Perkey, Jim Porter, Paul Dixson, Wendell Elrod, Greg Jenkins, Scott Ogden, Dr. Marianne Barnes, Bo Smith, Dr. Lehman Barnes
Bottom (left to right): Felecia Ewing, Anna Holmes, Merle Myers, Katie Cauthen, Diane Conlon

Eau Gallie High School (Brevard County)

From Left to right:
Back: Mike H., Sean G., Josh M., Chantel D., Christina E., Krista F., C. Miller
Middle: Ms. Jennie Ascher, Ariadna B., Kristin M., Ashley S., Sam R., Ms. Katie Webb,
Ms. Lisa Wall-Campeau
Front: Clinton T., Tina Marie D., Jennifer P., Stephanie V., Jennifer S.,

Miami/Dade Group

From left to right: Ms. Deborah Aarhus, Preya S., Jared K., Elizabeth K., Mrs. Deborah Ingraham

Terry Parker High School (Duval County)

Left to right: Matt R., Darla T., Kyle P., Kelli F., Joseph N., Sovannary C., Mrs. Diane Conlon

Land O'Lakes High School (Pasco County)

Left to right: Mrs Terry Granger, Ms. Terri Stanley, Nate K., Alison F., Nicole N., Desi E., Sara T., Brandon T., Allison N.

Ridgeview High School (Clay County)

Left to Right: LeAnn S., Megan M., April T., Randy C., Kristin S., Mr. David Campbell

Fletcher High School (Duval County)

Left to Right: Sam S., Julie B., Mrs. Linda Carr, Lindsay S., Dennis B.

Peterson Academy (Duval County)

Left to Right: Mr. Russ Henderlite, Tiffany T., Karen P., Ronnie S.

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