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KSC 2002
Workshop Participants

The University of California at Irvine Group (UCI)

Left to right: 
John Perkey,  Dave Hall, Paul Dixon, Jim Porter, Greg Jenkins, Merle Myers, and Wendell Elrod

The Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) / University of Alabama at Hunsville(UAH) Science Module Group
Left to right:
Anna Holmes, Nate Kenny, Felicia Ewing

The Florida Protein Crystals in Space Staff Group
left to right: 
Katie Cauthen, Bo Smith, Lindsey Swain

Terry Parker High School and Peterson Academy Group
Top row, left to right:
Scott Monroe (TP), Mrs. Diane Conlon (TP),
Noel Jones (PA), Kira C. (TP)

Bottom row, left to right:
Anthony Pietras (TP), Amanda Hamilton (TP), 
Matt Richardson (TP), Adam Blackwelder (PA), Rebecca Nesmith (TP), Mr. Russ Henderlite (PA) 

Fletcher High School Group

Stanton College Preparatory School Group
Top Row, left to right:
Melissa Nickhah, Laurie Weinstein

Bottom Row, left to right:
Mrs. Pat Webster, Kelly Aull, Amanda Brown, Stephanie Cook, Mr. Pete Webster

Land 'O Lakes High School Group

Eau Gallie High School Group
Top Row, left to right:
Chantel Doer, Christina Eiseman, Mandy Jean, Clint Thomas, Juli Place

Middle Row, left to right:
Mr. Eric Stiles, Mrs. Katie Webb, Sarah Stephens, Sara Parrish, Arica O' Sullivan, Lesley Ann Marks, Mr. Glenn Webb

Bottom row, left to right:
Tina Pettigrew, Jennifer Paraway

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