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Cocoa Beach Hilton Workshop
January 23rd-January 25th, 2004

We held our fourth 'advanced' student workshop in the KSC area at the Cocoa Beach Hilton Hotel January 23rd through January 25th, 2004.  Eight teachers and 23 students from Duval, Clay, Pasco,  Brevard and Manatee (first timers) Counties participated in the workshop.  The workshop consisted of two days of activities for the participants. Saturday  was devoted reviewing the procedures used in the past for making flight samples and conducting training in protein crystallization methods. Greg Jenkins brought his team of University of California at Irvine (UCI)/NASA personnel to run their portion of the workshop. It was great to see each member of his team; Wendell and LIla Ellrod and Merle Myers again as we had worked with each before at previous workshops.  The crystallxzation methods module was conducted by Jeff Dowell, a PhD student fro the University of Alabama Huntsville.  He took Anna Holmes'lace who was off in Russia at the Cosmodrome preparing for the launch of her protein crystallization experiment onboard a Soyuz rocket bound for the space station. The second day was available for participants to tour the Kennedy Space Center.

Pictures (under construction)

THe UCI Module
The Groups
Jeff Dowell's Module

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