Terry Parker 
March 22nd, 2008
Last updated:  March 22nd, 2008

Terry Parker AP Chemistry teacher Mr. Mohammed Arab (right) works with Parker students Ethan Manning (left) and Alen Islamovic (middle)
Our first pre-qualification workshop of 2008 was held at Terry Parker High School on March 22nd.  Nine students from Jacksonville; the Bolles School (1 student), Terry Parker High School (5 students) and Stanton College Preparatory High School (3 students) participated in the workshop.  Mr. Mohammed Arab, AP Chemistry teacher from Terry Parker hosted the workshop.

Stanton students Victoria Shami (left), Brittany Jacobs (middle), and Natalio Alvarez (right) work on lysozyme lab activity 

Bolles School student Victoria Hickox (left) works with Parker student Stephanie Hildenbrandt (right)

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