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Observable Protein Crystal Growth Apparatus 

This is the 
Observable Protein Crystal Growth Apparatus
Tubes of protein crystal growth solution are placed in 'experiment cell rails' (lower left) which are vertically mounted around the OPCGA. The inner mechanism of the assembly rotates counterclockwize inside the ring of of cell rails. The inner mechanism contains an inferometer which shines a beam of light through the solution measuring its concentration (crystal growing progress). This data is recorded on an inflight data recorder. In the future,  this data may be able to be transmitted to Earth from the Space Station permitting real time monitoring from Earth of the progress of the growth of the protein crystals in the microgravity environment. 
Link Assembly
Experiment Cell Rail
Rotating Inferometer
Inferometer Assembly
Greg Jenkins from UCI/UAH/MSFC
Greg Jenkins (UCI/UAH/MSFC)* discussing the operation of the OPCGA.

*UCI-Univ. of California at Irvine
  UAH- Univ. of Alabam at Huntsville
  MSFC- Marshall Space Flight Center

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