The space shuttle Atlantis launched with our protein crystals on September 8th, 2000

This is a picture of the students, teachers and project people who attended the NASA dinner before the launch. We missed the kids from the first year of the program who were off at college and could not attend.

Not a great picture but it is the best we have so far.  Does anyone have a better one we can use?

We viewed the launch from about 3 1/2 miles away
It was a beautiful launch!
Waiting for the launch!
Bo Smith and Diane Conlon talking to Penny Haskins before the launch
There was very little wind at launch time
There was very little cloud cover so we could see the shuttle for a long time
From bird watcher to shuttle watcher :)
The shuttle heading down range
Bo Smith and Penny Haskins discuss the program with the VAB in the background
The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)
Lisa being interviewed by Phil Amato of NBC CH 12
Elise being interviewed by Phil Amato
All pictures by: Katie Cauthen

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