University of Alabama in Huntsville Workshop
Huntsville, Alabama
June 2000

In June, 2000,  groups from Jacksonville and Miami, Florida went to Huntsville, Alabama to prepare crystals for the September 8th, 2000 launch. At the workshop, there were three stations.  One of the stations was the flight sample station where each student prepared a flight sample to go in space in September.  Greg Jenkins, Director of Engineering of the UCI Huntsville Division
and John Gregory, Director of Alabama Space Grant Consortium explained what we would be doing in the flight sample station and who would be assisting during this process.  Joe Ng, Laboratory for Structural Biology at UAH and Merle Myers, UCI Huntsville Division assisted each group while making the samples.

Greg Jenkins explains what we will be doing.
Joe Ng is assisting Katie Cauthen while she is sealing one end of the flight sample.

While one group was making their flight samples, the other two groups were working at other stations conducted by Anna Holmes, (Scientist at UAH/MSFC) and Brannon Carter (graduate student at UAH). At Anna Holmes' Station, each student took a Q-plate and a protein and made a droplet that would crystalize over time. After all their droplets were made, each student sealed their plate. To see the results of the droplets, click here.  At Brannon Carter's Station, each student created models of proteins to see how they were formed.

Anna Homles helps Danielle Stephens make her droplets.
Brannon Carter helps Elise Humbert with her model.

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