Procedures for Ordering Materials for the Lab Activity

Last updated: October 2, 2002

Additional complete lysozyme protein crystal growth lab activity kits may be ordered by email directly from Tammy Meadows, the Biological Crystals in Space UCI National Program Office Administrative Assistant .  Please send a CC copy to me, Bo Smith  if you are from Florida and are ordering this as a result of The Protein Crystals in Space In Florida Schools grant program.  The current kit cost is $150 plus $12 shipping cost.

Resupply Kits: If you have run out of the consumables in your kit and want to conduct an additional lab activity, you can order a prepackaged resupply kit consisting of the following items:

8 lysozyme capsules
1 set of sodium chloride snap tubes
1 sodium acetate capsule
100 small culture tubes
10 pipets
8 medicine cups
8 sealing film

The cost of each resupply kit is $40.  The shipping charge is $6.  If you are in a Florida school, I may be able to buy the resupply kit for you from grant funds. Email me with your request.  Bo Smith


Robert S. Smith,  (
Program Manager and Instructor for Protein Crystals in Space in Florida Schools

Greg Jenkins,  (
Biological Crystals in Space National Program Manager

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