UNF Science Methods Course Workshop
Terry Parker High School
September 29th, 1999

This workshop consisted of the power point presentation and the protein crystal growing lab activity.  The audience consisted of graduate level UNF students who were either certified teachers who were in the course for professional development or student teachers who were taking the course toward their certification.  The presentation was given not only to inform the student teachers about the Protein Crystals in Space Program but also to demonstrate multi-media presentation techniques.  The power point presentation was given with three separate delivery methods simultaneously to demonstrate the relative appearance of the text and graphics with each delivery method.  Three student assistants, Maricar Bana, NaLonda Moorer, and Carolyn Nicolls operated the laptop and two PC systems for the presentation.  Maricar was also the lead instructor for the lab activity and was assisted by Carolyn and NaLonda.
Carolyn, Maricar, and NaLonda describe the lab activity
Maricar Bana(center) describes the lab activity procedure while Carolyn Nicolls(left) and NaLonda Moorer(right) look on

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Created on September 30th, 1999 by Robert S. Smith