Elise H. and Katie Cauthen (yellow shirts) assist UNF student
UNF Science Methods Course Workshop-2000
Terry Parker High School
October 25th, 2000

This workshop was conducted in three parts.  The first part consisted of a presentation by the course professor, Dr. Barnes who discussed science safety  using various websites and her course website in Blackboard.  The second part of the workshop consisted of a discussion conducted by Bo Smith about the Florida Protein Crystals in Space program using the power point presentation. The third part  was the lysozyme protein crystal growing lab activity.

The audience consisted of graduate level UNF students who were either certified teachers who were in the course for professional development or student teachers who were taking the course toward their certification.

Katie Cauthen, a recent Parker graduate and 'protein crystals space station student scientist' who is now a project assistant in the program assisted during the presentation and the lab activity.  Elise H, a junior at Stanton College Prep and a 'space station student scientist' also assisted during the lab activity.

Part One - Science Safety in the Classroom (Dr. Marianne Barnes)

Part Two- Florida Protein Crystals in Space Program Discussuion (Mr. Bo Smith)

Part Three- The Lysozyme Protein Crystal Growth Lab Activity

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Created on October 26th, 2000 by Robert S. Smith