The students conducted the lab activity
TRUE  Institute
(Teacher Research Update Experience)
The University of Florida
July 22nd, 1999

This workshop consisted of a power point presentation and the protein crystal growing lab activity.  It was part of a seven week summer institute at The University of Florida. Workshop participants consisted of  a  group of middle and high school science teachers from throughout the United States. There were approximately 12 teachers from Florida, 14 from other states, and one from Pakistan.  Dr. Lehman Barnes, Florida Higher Education Consortium; Drs. Penny Haskins and John Oliver from The Florida Space Grant Consortium,  Dr. Mary Joe Koroly from The University of Florida College of Medicine and Ms. Tammy Mandell , Science Coordinator from The Center for Precollegiate Education and Training at The University of Florida , were also in attendance.

The presentation was given by Dr. Marianne Barnes, Principal Investigator for the grant and Mr. Robert S. Smith, Program Manager and Instructor with assistance from Space Station Student Scientist Leticia Otero. The lab activity was conducted by four Space Station Student Scientists; Leticia Otero, Kim Nelson, Carolyn Nicolls, and Steven Nepowada.

Workshop Team:

Upper Row (left to right) - Dr. Marianne Barnes, Robert Smith, and Steven Nepowada

Bottom Row (left to right) - Leticia Otero, 
Kim Nelson, and Carolyn Nicolls

Leticia Otero assisting in Power Point presentation
Mr. Smith presenting Power Point presentation
Kim Nelson explains one of the details of the lab activity
Drs. Barnes, Oliver, and Haskins abserve Carolyn Nicolls assisting the teachers
Abdus Ahsan from the Lahoore American School in Pakistan pipets the solution as Leticia and Steven look on
Steven Nepowada observes the teachers' lab activity progress
Kim observes as teachers pipet the solution into the culture test tubes
Kim explains the importance of gently dissolving the lysozyme
Teachers discuss their progress during the lab activity
Teachers discuss their progress during the lab activity
Colored dye was used to indicate the various salt concentrations
crystal growth photographs
Students relax with pizza at Leonardo's after the workshop
The students enjoy pizza at Leonardo's after the workshop!

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